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Powerful and Handy Power Nozzle

Powerful and Handy Power Nozzle

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Are you looking for a better way to water your garden? Here is a solution! The power nozzle is a great nozzle to water plants in the garden. It has a full force setting which allows you to blast away twigs and dirt without much effort. Also, if you wish to water the delicate flowers and do not want to harm them, it has the mist spray. To change the spray setting, all you need to do is twist the nozzle.

The power nozzle also features a comfortable grip handle. It prevents wring and hand fatigue while watering the plants. Isn’t it just wonderful!?


  • Offers more powerful water outflow, compared to traditional nozzles
  • Blast away twigs and dirt effortlessly
  • Reduces wrist and hand fatigue due to the comfortable grip handle
  • Just twist the nozzle to water delicate flowers with a mist spray
  • Features various spray options like mist spray, and full force
  • Easy to change spray options; just twist the nozzle


  • Spray Setting: Full Force and Mist Spray
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