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Fall Deals For You | Use Code: FALL10
Fall Deals For You | Use Code: FALL10

Giant Diamond Ring Swimming Pool Float

Original price $72.99 - Original price $72.99
Original price
$72.99 - $72.99
Current price $72.99
Diamond ring for the god circle PVC inflatable product is a closed airbag type structure, soft and comfortable to use.

1. Airtight bag structure, soft and comfortable, tough, thick and durable; allows you to easily resist the buoyancy in the water and engage in interesting water activities.
2. After a special design, it can float smoothly on the water, so you can float the inflatable swimming pool faster and easier.
3. It is very suitable for your holiday, suitable for going to the seaside holiday. The inflatable swimming ring is light in weight, can be stored as easily as a folding umbrella, and is convenient to carry.

Do not get close to sharp things (thorny plants or sharp stones or blades).
Do not use some products as floating equipment.
Keep away from flames or sparks.