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Glowing Garden Pebbles

Glowing Garden Pebbles

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Here is a great eco-friendly and out of the box decoration for your driveway and garden. The glow in the dark rocks can add a scintillating charm to every place. You can use them to decorate the garden pathway, aquarium bed, flower bed edges, driveway and in the craft. These stones glow up when it gets dark. They do not require any batteries or electricity for functioning. These stones are hence, extremely environment-friendly and do not need any extra resource.

If you wish to light up outdoors, without having to increase your electrical expenses, these glow in the dark rocks offers an efficient solution.


  • Glow in the dark pebbles to light up and decorate the pathway in your garden
  • They are extremely safe and eco-friendly
  • These pebbles do not require electricity or batteries to work
  • Offers a great outdoor decoration
  • You can also use them to decorate aquarium bed, flower bed edges, driveway and in craft


  • Quantity: 100 Pieces per bag (approx.)
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