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10% Off Christmas Savings | Use Code: SAVINGS

Hands-Free Car Kit FM Transmitter

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$12.99 - $12.99
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A charger and a Bluetooth MP3 player for your car, this device is the next new-age car accessory, to invest it. The device has two charging ports. The device has a built-in MP3/WMA decoder chip which makes it equipped to play the music stored in the car's stereo system, wirelessly. If you need to receive a phone call while driving, the Bluetooth will automatically switch to the speaker state, and you can comfortably carry on the conversation. As soon as you reject the call, the music resumes. The device also has an FM transmitter.

Be it the radio, your playlists or unavoidable calls, and this hands-free car kit FM transmitter has got you covered. Drive safe!


  • Charger and Bluetooth mp3 player for cars
  • Built-in MP3/WMS decoder chip
  • Plays music stored in the car stereo, wirelessly
  • Has a dual USB port
  • Can be used as an FM Transmitter
  • Can charge two devices simultaneously


  • Maximum Output of USB Ports: 5A/2V