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Lightweight EZ Windshield Cleaner

Lightweight EZ Windshield Cleaner

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Our easy to use and lightweight EZ windshield cleaner is the best solution for your dusty car glass. EZ windshield cleaner has a lightweight plastic body with an amazingly effective pivoting head and a microfiber cleaning pad. With the help of a long handle and the pivoting head, the unreachable corners will no longer be unreachable. It will give your glass a new look from inside as well as outside. The windshield cleaner also helps lessen the glare and gives clear visibility.

Now cleaning your car windshield and windows gets easy with this EZ windshield cleaner. With clear visibility, driving becomes safer. The EZ windshield cleaner is the lightweight you can even keep it in your car; whenever your glass gets dusty you will be ready for it. It is also easy to clean. Just take off the microfiber pad and wash it with detergent. Dry it out and it will be ready to use.


  • Plastic body with a microfiber cleaning pad 
  • Easy to work with a pivoting head
  • Comes with the long handles
  • Helps to clean the unreachable corners
  • Gives your glass a new look from inside and outside
  • Lessens the glare and helps to get you clearer visibility


  • Material: plastic
  • Cleaning Pad: Microfiber
  • Dimensions: 15” (L) × 5.25” (W) ×1.75” (H) 
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