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Mosquito Zapper Lamp Trap

Mosquito Zapper Lamp Trap

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Don't let mosquitos and other pests trap you indoors this summer, fight back with the Lamp Zapper Trap!

This small machine packs a mighty punch when it comes to trapping nettlesome mosquitos and other annoying pests! The equipped with LED Bionic Violet Wave acts as a strong lure to bugs, while the built in high-power suction fan sucks them into the anti-escape box effectively sealing them away where they can't bother you!

Seeing as the Mosquito Lamp Zapper uses the universal USB cable to connect to a power source, it makes this little trapper perfectly portable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  •  Releases 365NM to 395NM varied light wave that attract mosquitos and other bugs while the built in fan sucks them in and effectively dries them out!
  • Safe to use around children and pets!
  • The anti-escape apparatus is built to keep the caught bugs in, but it's designed with a simple twist unlock so you can easily dispose of the dead bugs once the chamber is full.
  • powered by USB so you it's compatible with a wide variety of power sources such as: an adapter, power bank, computer, or any device with a USB port.


  • Ensure the Mosquito Lamp Zapper Trap is used in dark environments away from any direct sunlight for best results.
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